Call for submissions for mixtape and zine:

Lovestone Radio

Dispatches of love from...somewhere out there.

Welcome back my intergalactic friends to another episode of Lovestone Radio. Oh, is this your first time tuning in? Well, you're in for a treat.

You've stumbled into a collective of fellow travelers on a journey to discover all types of love. We share the things we've learned with each other in hopes of a brighter tomorrow for the universe, ya dig?

We've sensed some distress over in your sector of the galaxy, so we're doing a special broadcast just for all you love bugs. If you wanna get into the funky, groovy, loving flow, we've gotta get the broadcast together before some intergalactic turbulence from the U961 sector gets in the way!

If you're not picking up what we're laying down, here's a clearer version: we're making a zine and mixtape full of stuff from you, all with the theme of love. Be that self love, love of others, how love makes you feel, or anything else to spread some good vibes during some hectic times. We'd love if you participated. So if you're down, just click on the button below, fill out a question about how you'd like to participate, and let's do this. After the submission (April 5th) we will put all the work together and mail everyone copies of the zine and a link to the mixtape.

And you may be thinking, "This isn't for me," or "I don't know what I could possibly contribute!" And our response is, any form of love is perfectly acceptable. A poem on the trials of a caring and loving relationship; a drawing you did about how love makes you feeeeeel; a guided meditation to teach others how to love themselves; or some found sounds that make you think of love. Anything's gravy partner.

Submission Guidelines.


Love is the theme. This is an intergalatic radio station sending out love vibes across the universe. Self love, love of others, encouragement, help, feelings of love, whatever brings about the good vibes.


The zine will be a 8.5x5.5 printed copy sent out to anyone who participates. The mixtape will likely be sent out as a link hosted on an external site.

Due Date

April 6th

Visual Media (drawings, illustrations, collage, digital paintings, photos, etc)

  • Either 11x8.5 (horizontal) or 8.5x5.5 (vertical)
  • Greyscale only

Writing (poetry, short stories, stream of consciousness rambling, etc)

  • Max 1000 words

Audio (songs, found sounds, soundbaths, standups, etc)

  • MP3 or wav format

“You’re Not Alone” Questions

  • Totally anonymous, deeply probing questions.
  • Here’s a link for the questions:
Click here to answer questions.

Submitting Your Work

Click here to submit your work.

Getting a Copy of the Mixtape and Zine

If you’re submitting work or answering any of the “You’re Not Alone” questions, we’ll send out a copy of the zine to you – Click here to fill out your address to get your zine and mixtape!

If you’re not submitting work to the Mixtape and Zine but would like a copy, email

This kind of stuff doesn’t happen without you. We really deeply appreciate your time, effort and energy, and cannot wait to see what you all create and share.


Your friends at

Lovestone Radio